What LearnSkill is?

We have not only been training but placing our students in their dream career. We can proudly boast about a Big Breakthrough platform introduced to our trainees by merely getting Skilled in it.

What LearnSkill is not?

We are not only into training for certificates. Our focus is on journey of learning rather than its Souvenir (Certificates). It just eventually happens.

Why LearnSkill ?

Our country has a massive educated ( having credentials) population. But we still have a remarkable number of unemployed people. Why?
How we wish only Big Certificates and Degrees were enough to land up in a decent job. But that is not so true.
Learnskill is a reorganization of current scenario wherein people are made to train and focus in developing and chiseling the skill and honing their talents rather than buying a certificate on stake of money and time.
Here Learnskill welcomes all those who are passionate about their choice of career and wish to get trained on it.

Top Instructor

Learnskill is a team of expertise who have been working in industry since 2006. This team is an amalgamation of experience, technology and strategy.

Aashish Mittal

Cyber Security & Forensic Expert


Programming Expert


Digital Marketing Expert

Reecha M Vasishtha

Founder - LearnSkill & Life Skills Coach

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